作文 时间:2015-12-31 我要投稿





  In order to welcome the New Year's day, on Friday afternoon, the campus held a grand "celebrate New Year's day" activities.

  First of all, is broadcast gymnastics competition, in order to win the good grades in the game, we spent a lot of time training before class game broadcasting gymnastics movement, finally, the test of time, everyone in school uniform, Shouting loud slogans, stepping the pace of neat went to the playground. Students in action finally won a radio gymnastics competition first prize.

  Next is the tug of war, the race began, only listen to referee a whistle, four students in our class and rival (a) class all hard pull back, easily won the first round of our class. The second round, our class in the place, the game began, the referee blows the whistle, our class began desperately, but four makes for (a) classes, see our class is about to lose, we cheerleaders and yell: "come on! Come on!" Only hear a whistle, our class finally won again! The students happy cheer up!

  This is really a memorable New Year's day!







  New Year's Day is coming, and our class hosts a party where the teacher can show each classmate.

  The first is Cheng Xin and Xie Miao performing boxing, boxing also use the foot, really do not understand. The second one is performed by a few people such as Zhang Xin Guoxue reading ... are very successful, I can not remember what program to perform. Suddenly Lu Miao to perform singing - "the most dazzling ethnic style," the teacher said the students will sing to the podium singing, I thought to myself: when a supporting role is not bad, focusing on participation Well I ran the podium and several classmates chorus. When I was singing on the podium, I saw my desk Ma Yan Yu applauding me with a thumbs up, as if encouraging me. After singing, I returned to my seat, Ma Xin Yu said: "Huang Gonghe, I admire you, I did not dare go up, you actually dared."

  This New Year is really happy, because I understand the truth: When the supporting role is also proud of.





  December 31, a small spring Yanjiang held a celebration of New Year's Day activities. We are very happy after we know it.

  Came to the big playground, greeted the beautiful solemn stage, a red cloth hanging above, saying "to greet the Spring, celebrate New Year's Day" a few characters. Students look forward to anticipation, the playground immediately blasted pot. Have talked about this event, waiting for the show began.

  Warmly explained in the four hosts, New Year's Day celebration will be the curtain.

  Look! Two little guys came to power. They wear small suits, wear sunglasses and sing and dance. The original is now popular hype "South STYLE." When they came to power, they won warm applause from the audience. Behind the boys and girls dressed neat, passionate jump up. They sometimes come in a kick, sometimes turn around, they are sometimes like riding a horse, sometimes like a Mercedes. The show just finished, the audience sounded thunderous applause.

  Look! A group of "little children" on the stage, they shake their heads and shake brain, "the beginning of the human nature. Good sex. Xianyuan far ... ..." Read catchy, we also hear mesmerizing, as if lead us through the back Ancient. After the show, won the applause of the audience storm.

  New Year's Day celebration, but also performed a funny English drama - tadpole looking for her mother; beautiful Latin dance; magnificent martial arts. Finally, the brilliant new year's day celebration will be over under the brilliant song of Lin Yan.

  The show is over, but I still immersed in the activities of this New Year's Day, a long time can not forget.