my favourite animal英语作文附翻译

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my favourite animal英语作文附翻译

my favourite animal英语作文附翻译

It although there is no function of a cat to catch mice, also does not have the panda's simple and honest steady, more don't have a dog loyalty, but it's cute, speed agility, body small carry fairy, very agreeable. It is my favorite animal -- the little white rabbit.

my favourite animal英语作文附翻译

I like the cute little white rabbit. Remember in my hometown, I caught a white rabbit. I caressed his soft hair, oh! Good warm, good right! Its courage is very big, in a short time, it should climb to my head, and with it the fluffy little hand touched my ears, let my heart feel warm, I like it really cute.

I like the little white rabbit speed agility. It's not playing with it for a while, and jumped from my arms. I hurriedly go after it, and it disappeared in an instant, I can't help feeling that the rabbit run really fast! It's to my "at it" rabbit, run to my regrets "slow to a crawl, fast as tuotu". Ah! I really like the agile.

I like the body of it is small and exquisite. Look, its body wrapped in a piece of white, soft, fluffy, looking at large, in fact, tiny, as long as you use hand to touch it, will feel its soft, it's thin, it's exquisite. It will be tight method! On one occasion, I was catch it in hand, maybe it don't feel well, actually a shrink, just jumped out from my hands! The small lovely like, make me loving! On one occasion, I want to play it, seek along while also lost. Suddenly I saw a piece of white towel move, oh! Originally in this! The body of his small and exquisite have camouflage, let people thought it was a piece of the white towel! Make trouble ah! Hey hey! However, I still like it the body of small and exquisite.

The small white rabbit with its cute, the advantages of agile, I like it.






my favourite animal英语作文附翻译

I like the little white rabbit GuangXi District baise baise tiandong RuanYi first primary school five (1) class a friend, I want to tell you, my family raised a lovely small white rabbit, I give it a name called "white white". White white body is small and exquisite, heard nothing is born in our thumb so small, this sentence let me with a grain of salt. After more than a month long in vain it in white and soft fur, two long ears and always stand, four legs, with short front legs hind legs, two eyes like ruby, going round and round to turn, a three petal mouths, very cute. Just feeding, for nothing, don't know me, very timid around strangers, see I always huddled up, like a big pompon. After a period of feeding, getting to know me now, also familiar with, every time see me, just with two red eyes staring at me, with the tongue lick their cages, small mouth moving, as if to say: "little master, you can come back, I'm hungry, hurry up and feed me." Nothing's favorite food is green vegetables and carrots. But leaves must be washed again after dry, or feed it will get sick when too wet leaves, long out of MAO neither soft nor smooth. All be eating up to eat slowly, carefully partners see it like this, all kua it "sven." Always like in vain against the wall on the other side of the cage to sleep, maybe it felt relatively cool, etc. If you wake up it will shakes his head, stretch and waiting for me to feed it. A meal to eat only in vain SanSiPian leaves, but five or six meals a day, can really be called "eat much food less". If it is hungry, he will use a heavy begging eyes looking at you. I just put the leaves into a cage, could you release your hand, it can't wait to lick my hand, blame itchy. Nothing is my best companion animal, it adds a lot of fun to my life. I hope and all be together forever, never apart.

我喜欢的小白兔 广西区百色百色市田东县第一小学五(1)班阮毅 朋友,我想告诉你,我家饲养了一只可爱的小白兔,我给它起了个名字叫“白白”。白白身体小巧玲珑,听说白白刚出生的时候才有大拇指这么小,这句话让我半信半疑。一个多月后白白长这一身雪白而又柔软的毛,两只长长的耳朵,总是竖着,四条小腿,前腿短后腿长,两只像红宝石一样的眼睛,滴溜溜地转,一张三瓣嘴,非常逗人喜爱。刚刚饲养的时候,白白不大认识我,很怕生,看见我总是缩成一团,像个大绒球似的。经过一段时间的喂养,现在渐渐认识我了,也比较熟悉了,每当见到我,就睁着两只红眼睛盯着我,用舌头添着铁笼,小嘴动来动去,好像在说:“小主人,你可回来了,我饿了,快点喂喂我吧。”白白最爱吃的食物是青菜和萝卜。但菜叶一定要洗干净后再晾干,不然喂它太潮湿的菜叶时就会生病的,长出来的毛既不柔软也不光滑。白白吃起东西来细嚼慢咽的,小心翼翼的伙伴们看到它这个样子,都夸它“斯文。”白白总是喜欢靠在墙壁那边的铁笼里睡觉,也许它觉得较为凉快吧,等它睡醒时,就会摇摇头,伸伸懒腰,等着我来喂它呢。白白一餐只吃三四片菜叶,可是每天要吃五六餐呢,可真称得上“少食多餐”了。如果它饿了,就会用一重乞求的'眼神望着你。我刚把菜叶伸进铁笼里,还没来得及把手松开,它便迫不及待地舔着我的小手,怪痒痒的。白白是我最好的动物伙伴,它给我的生活增添了不少乐趣。我希望和白白永远在一起,永不分开。

my favourite animal英语作文附翻译

My favorite animal is a small white rabbit, it is very lovely. Fluffy is white, two red and big eyes, three petal mouths, short neck, four legs. Short front legs, long hind legs. Forelegs are five toes, hind legs with four toes. At the foot of the fur and fluffy. Tail short, generally only 5 cm long. The small white rabbit docile personality, unconfident. It likes a quiet environment, meet strangers, dogs, cats, snakes, etc will be alarmed, emit loud drumbeat, will bump cage, running and so on. It runs fast, and immediately stop no inertia. She likes to eat grass, green vegetables and tender leaves, etc. Rabbits have two front teeth of overlap, they are permanent teeth are long, in order to maintain moderate length, need some time to eat hard food, such as bamboo, branches, etc. The small white rabbit hot not cold. When the room temperature 30 degrees, they will eat less or do not eat, the mother rabbit to abortion, milk or not fed rabbit tsai, easy to get sick. Don't like activities during the day, the little white rabbit eat very few, also like activities in the evening, eat too many, accounted for 75% of total food intake. Rabbit rabbit each tire production 4 to 12. The normal life of rabbit for 10 years. I like the little white rabbit very much, ever demanding mother bought me two, one is white, one is black. My name is small white and black. We have a few days, they are ill died. Now that I think about it, they are be hot to death, starved to death. Because it was summer and we also put them on the balcony. Small white and black died I was sad, call mom again to buy me a, mother refused to buy anyway, says is too poor. Now I know the life of the little white rabbit, if now have a small white rabbit, I can always keep it.

我最喜欢的动物是小白兔,它非常可爱。毛绒绒的一身白,两只又红又大的眼睛,三瓣嘴,脖子短,四条腿。前腿短,后腿长。前腿有五个脚趾,后腿有四个脚趾。脚下的毛多而蓬松。尾巴短,一般只有5厘米长。 小白兔性格温顺,胆子小。它喜欢安静的环境,见到陌生人、猫、狗、蛇等就会己惊慌不已,会发出响亮的跺脚声,会撞笼,奔跑等。它跑得飞快,而且能立刻停住没有惯性。她喜欢吃小草、青菜和嫩枝叶等。小兔子有两对重叠的门牙,它们是恒牙,会不断长长,为了保持长短适中,需要定时给它吃些硬的食物,如竹子、树枝等。小白兔怕热不怕冷。当室温达到30度时,它们会减少食量或不吃,母兔的话容易流产,减奶或不给兔仔喂奶,容易生病。小白兔白天不喜欢活动,吃得也很少,晚上喜欢活动,吃得也很多,占总食量的75%。兔子每胎生产4到12只兔仔。兔子的正常寿命为10年。 我非常喜欢小白兔,曾经强求妈妈给我买了两只,一只是白色的,一只是黑色的。我叫它们小白和小黑。我们养了没几天,它们就生病死了。现在想来,它们是被热死的,饿死的。因为那时是夏天,我们还把它们放在阳台上。小白和小黑死了我很伤心,叫妈妈再给我买一只,妈妈无论如何也不肯买了,说太可怜了。 现在我知道了小白兔的生活习性,如果现在有一只小白兔,我总能养好它了吧。

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