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According to legend, in ancient times a year appeared in the sky ten suns in the sky, straight smoke roasted earth, and the sea dry, people see cannot live.

This thing has alerted a hero named Hou Yi, he climbed the kunlun peak, the full power of operation, drew his bow, stretch shot down the nine extra SUNS.

Hou Yi set the power, and respected by people, many who came to toushi. Treacherous cunning, sinister pengmeng also mixed in.

Soon, Hou Yi married a beautiful and kind-hearted wife, called the goddess of the moon. Hou Yi except Chuanyi hunting, the day and his wife together, people are envious of the loving couple.

One day, Hou Yi to the Kunlun Mountains and friends for chance, after which the queen mother, then to the obtained a pack of medicine. It is said that the dose of the drug, can immediately go to heaven.

However, Hou Yi reluctant to leave his wife, had no choice but to the death of the drug to the goddess of the moon. Chang Baoxia medicine Tibet the dressing table, only to be seen by.

Three days later, Hou Yi led his disciples to go hunting, Peng Meng pretended to be sick, stay.

Hou Yi was left to be near people, by holding a sword into the backyard, Chang E.

The goddess of the moon knows oneself is not the loose Mongolia's opponent, critical when she takes the bull by the horns, turned to open the Baoxia, take out the undead medicine a swallow it down.

Chang swallow medicine, the body immediately Piaochi ground rushed out of the window, flew to the sky. As the goddess of the moon is concerned about her husband, he flew to the moon from the earth has become a fairy.

In the evening, Hou Yi returned home, the maid maidservantswhat had happened. Hou Yi is shocked and angry, evil sword to kill, Meng ran away early. Hou Yi and Wawadajiao gas. With Hou Yi, looking at the sky call wife's name. He was surprised to find that today's moon is exceptionally bright, but there is a shaking of the shadow like chang.

Hou Yi hurriedly sent to the goddess of love in the garden, put the incense table, put on her usual favorite honey food fresh fruit, Yaoji in the palace of the moon sentimentally attached to their goddess in the moon.

People who heard the news that changebenyue immortal, have on the display in Xiangan, to pray for good fortune peace. Since then, the Mid Autumn Festival in folk customs of worship. Changebenyue story with a clear-cut attitude and gorgeous colors praise, praise the - E - E, and ancient literature about the goddess of the moon records, see people on the moon story do a lot of processing and modified in such a way that e - e image and the month with the United States, so as to meet the people's pursuit of beauty. And modern spread far and wide the moon at odds, the classical Chinese Literature "series," Lingxian "record" goddess in the moon toad "story:" Chang E, the wife of Yi, stealing the queen mother of the undead medicine service, flying to the moon. Will go, the pieces are accounted for yellow. Huang Zhanzhi: said: "Ji Gui Mei, elegant, unique to west, every day is not the fear of dark Mans, surprise, and Chang." The goddess of the moon was on the moon, is for the toad." The moon turns into a toad, in the moon is punished all day long pound elixir of life, a lonely impoverished life, Li Shangyin had a poem lamenting the goddess of the moon: "Chang E regret to steal a panacea, bhqt night heart."




后羿立下盖世之功,受到百姓 的尊敬和爱戴,不少志士慕名前来投师学艺。奸诈刁钻、心术不正的蓬蒙也混了进来。

不久,后羿娶了个美丽善良的 妻子,名叫嫦娥。后羿除传艺狩猎外,终日和妻子在一起,人们都羡慕这对郎才女貌的恩爱夫妻。









百姓们闻知嫦娥奔月成仙的消息后,纷纷在月下摆设香案,向善良的嫦娥祈求吉祥平安。从此,中秋节拜月的风俗在民间传开了。 嫦娥奔月的故事以鲜明的态度和绚丽的色彩歌颂、赞美了娥娥,与古文献有关嫦娥的记载相比较,可见人们对嫦娥奔月的故事做了很多加工,修饰,使娥娥的形象与月同美,使之符合人们对美的追求。 与现代流传甚广的“嫦娥奔月”相左,《全上古文》辑《灵宪》则记载了“嫦娥化蟾”的故事:“嫦娥,羿妻也,窃王母不死药服之,奔月。将往,枚占于有黄。有黄占之:曰:‘吉,翩翩归妹,独将西行,逢天晦芒,毋惊毋恐,后且大昌。’嫦娥遂托身于月,是为蟾蜍。”嫦娥变成癞蛤蟆后,在月宫中终日被罚捣不死药,过着寂寞清苦的生活,李商隐曾有诗感叹嫦娥:“嫦娥应悔偷灵药,碧海青天夜夜心。”