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  1.   Within you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.(有了你,我迷失了自我。失去你,我多么希望自己再度迷失。)

  2.   Where there is great love, there are always miracles.(哪里有真爱存在,哪里就有奇迹。)

  3.   Take away love, and our earth is a tomb.(没有了爱,地球便成了坟墓。)

  4.   No matter the ending is perfect or not, you cannot disappear from my world.(我的世界不允许你的消失,不管结局是否完美。)

  5.   I need him like I need the air to breathe.(我需要他,正如我需要呼吸空气。)

  6.   Time orbit we just one solitude of the subway.(时间的轨道里我们只是一班孤寂的地铁)

  7.   The wind blows away the thoughts, rolled up unruly time.(被风吹散的思念,卷起不羁的时间)

  8.   Two people along the street up, who also don't stay.(两个人沿着街一直走,谁也不许再停留)

  9.   Even next second we didn't meet, on one second we will meet.(即使下一秒我们没有相遇,上一秒我们也会相见。)

  10.   Believe that god is fair.(相信上帝是公平的。)

  11.   Although again sweet candy, also has a bitter day.(即使再甜的糖,也有苦的一天。)

  12.   How many dream had, and never came into my heart.(多少梦幻的曾经,也不曾走进莪的心)

  13.   A we missed the time, France.(时间一点点被我们错过,擦肩而过。)

  14.   Is heavy likely is the dark memorial speech lonely.(寂寞沉重得像是黑暗的悼词。)

  15.   The numerous rivers heart surface, threads a needle the line to suture sadly.(千沟万壑的心脏表面,穿针走线般地缝合进悲伤。)

  16.   A chock full pool of water, after blowing www.doershow.com off silence.(满满当当的一池水,放空后的寂静。)

  17.   I have also forgotten once world, whether a peaceful piece of string sound.(我也忘记了曾经的世界,是否安静的一片弦音。)

  18.   Is who wasn't careful destroys one named not to leave not the abandoned puppet?(是谁不小心打坏了一个名为不离不弃的玩偶?)

  19.   The happy blood is unable the backflow centripetal dirty.(幸福的血液无法回流向心脏。)

  20.   From now on,I will expect nothing, and just take what I get.从现在起,我将不再期待,只珍惜我所拥有的。

  21.   There are 4 steps to happiness: you ,me ,our hearts,together!通往幸福只需要四步:你、我、我们的心、在一起。

  22.   Delay is the deadliest form of denial.拖延是最彻底的拒绝。

  23.   Time heals almost everything. Give time time.时间几乎会愈合所有事情。请给时间一点时间。

  24.   Tears are words the heart can't say.眼泪是心里无法诉说的言辞。

  25.   There’s nothing more beautiful than a smile that struggles through tears.世上最美的,莫过于从泪水中挣脱出来的那个微笑。

  26.   Nothing improves the memory more than trying to forget.令记忆深刻的最好方法,就是试图去忘记。

  27.   Sometimes,I just need someone to talk to.有时候,我只是需要一个可以说话的人。

  28.   (Broken petal falls in the wind, have no laws in.)快乐没有谁可以左右,只有自己用力握紧。

  29.   (Happy about no one can only hold the Www.doershow.com force.)纯浓的巧克力,就像初尝爱情的滋味那般美好。

  30.   (Pure strong chocolate, just like the taste of love to be the first tastes good.)花只开一半,梦也只做一半就好。

  31.   (Spend only half open, dream also do only half.)溪水缓慢地流动着,带走了几片落叶,也带走了记忆。

  32.   (Stream flow, slowly away a few leaf, also taking the memory.)天下着丝丝雨滴,天气也微微有点凉,寒冷了风景。

  33.   (The world with filar silk rain weather also slightly a little cool, cold the scenery.)

  34.   One day someone will walk into your life, then you realize love was always worth waiting for.有一天那个人走进了你的生命,你就会明白,真爱总是值得等待的。

  35.   When distinction disguises the smile, is the final farewell tune.(分别时假装的微笑,是最后的告别曲。)

  36.   I pass through the summer which the winter and the equator are filled with joy rush toward you to like.(我穿过冬季和赤道满心欢喜的奔向你喜欢的夏天。)

  37.   Youth, our dissolute time passage ,(青春,我们放肆的年华。)

  38.   What I remember fondly has nothing unsaid.(我怀恋的是无话不说。)

  39.   In are the eye tears, what pain dazzling?(眼里的泪光,是什么痛的刺眼?)

  40.   Love, from zero start.(爱,从零开始。)

  41.   Steps into the dream the paradise, fantasizes your my romantic plot.(踏进梦的乐园,幻想你我的浪漫情节。WWw.Doershow.com)

  42.   It is not weary, as soon as under us stands forever.(不疲倦,我们下一站永远。)

  43.   "Trust is like an eraser. It gets smaller and smaller after every mistake."信任就像橡皮擦,在一次一次的错误中慢慢损耗变小。

  44.   Forever cannot fill up void.(空虚永远填不满。)

  45.   Each life likely is one full and the delightful fruit.(每一个生命都像是一颗饱满而甜美的果实。)

  46.   I do not follow, I live is always all you want.(我不会遵循,我过的生活从来都是自己想要的)

  47.   You smiled and waved with me, step by step out go farther.(你笑着跟我挥了挥手,一步跨出去走得更远)

  48.   We first met 本地, it was named: miss.(我们初次相遇的地点,把它取名叫:怀念)

  49.   We don't have any choice, only run in opposite directions.(我们没有任何选择的余地,只有背道而驰)

  50.   We look forward to, our future.(我们期待、我们的将来。)

  51.   Those troubles, always linger.(那些烦恼,永远挥之不去)

  52.   Promises are often like the butterfly, which disappear after beautiful hover.(承诺常常很像蝴蝶,美丽的飞盘旋然后不见。)

  53.   If I know what love is, it is because of you.(因为你,我懂得了爱。)

  54.   There is no remedy for love but to love more.(治疗爱的创伤唯有加倍地去爱。)

  55.   Dreaming in the memory is not as good as waiting for the paradise in the hell.在回忆里继续梦幻不如在地狱里等待天堂。)~