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Oliver Twist one of the most famous works of Charles Dickens’ is a novel reflecting the tragic fact of the life in Britain in 18th century.

The author who himself was born in a poor family wrote this novel in his twenties with a view to reveal the ugly masks of those cruel criminals and to expose the horror and violence hidden underneath the narrow and dirty streets in London.

The hero of this novel was Oliver Twist an orphan who was thrown into a world full of poverty and crime. He suffered enormous pain such as hunger thirst beating and abuse. While reading the tragic experiences of the little Oliver I was shocked by his sufferings. I felt for the poor boy but at the same time I detested the evil Fagin and the brutal Bill. To my relief as was written in all the best stories the goodneeventually conquered devil and Oliver lived a happy life in the end. One of the plots that attracted me most is that after the theft little Oliver was allowed to recover in the kind care of Mrs. Maylie and Rose and began a new life. He went for walks with them or Rose read to him and he worked hard at his lessons. He felt as if he had left behind forever the world of crime and hardship and poverty.

How can such a little boy who had already suffered oppressive affliction remain pure in body and mind? The reason is the nature of goodness. I think it is the most important information implied in the novel by Dickens-he believed that goodnecould conquer every difficulty. Although I don’t think goodneis omnipotent yet I do believe that those who are kind-hearted live more happily than those who are evil-minded.

For me the nature of goodneis one of the most necessary character for a person. Goodneis to humans what water is to fish. He who is without goodneis an utterly worthleperson. On the contrary as the famous saying goes ‘The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose’ he who is with goodneundoubtedly is a happy and useful person. People receiving his help are grateful to him and he also gets gratified from what he has done and thus he can do good to both the people he has helped and himself.


This is a story about a special and unreserved woman who has been exposed to a hostile environment but continuously and fearlessly struggling for her ideal life.The story can be interpreted as a symbol of the independent spirit.

It seems to me that many readers’English reading experience starts with Jane Eyer.I am of no exception.As we refer to the movie“Jane Eyer”,it is not surprising to find some differences because of its being filmized and retold in a new way,but the spirit of the novel remains----to be an independent person,both physically and mentally.

Jane Eyer was a born resister,whose parents went off when she was very young,and her aunt,the only relative she had,treated her as badly as a ragtag.Since Jane’s education in Lowwood Orphanage began,she didn’t get what she had been expectingsimply being regarded as a common person,just the same as any other girl around.The suffers from being humiliated and devastated teach Jane to be persevering and prize dignity over anything else.As a reward of revolting the ruthless oppression,Jane got a chance to be a tutor in Thornfield Garden.There she made the acquaintance of lovely Adele and that garden’s owner,Rochester,a man with warm heart despite a cold face outside.Jane expected to change the life from then on,but fate had decided otherwise:After Jane and Rochester fell in love with each other and got down to get marry,she unfortunately came to know in fact Rochester had got a legal wife,who seemed to be the shadow following Rochester and led to his moodiness all the time----Rochester was also a despairing person in need of salvation.Jane did want to give him a hand,however,she made up her mind to leave,because she didn’t want to betray her own principles,because she was Jane Eyer.The film has finally got a symbolist end:Jane inherited a large number of legacies and finally returned.After finding Rochester’s misfortune brought by his original mad wife,Jane chose to stay with him forever.

I don’t know what others feel,but frankly speaking,I would rather regard the section that Jane began her teaching job in Thornfield as the film’s end----especially when I heard Jane’s words“Never in my life have I been awaken so happily.”For one thing,this ideal and brand-new beginning of life was what Jane had been imagining for long as a suffering person;for another,this should be what the audiences with my views hoped her to get.But the professional judgment of producing films reminded me to wait for a totally different result:There must be something wrong coming with the excellence----perhaps not only should another section be added to enrich the story,but also we may see from the next transition of Jane’s life that“Life is like a box of chocolates,you never know what you would get.”


In the world history of literature, some many classical famous works are going to be immortal, but Jane Eyre deeply enters people's soul deeply, it by irresistible intrinsic deep has attracted the tens of thousands of readers deeply, has affected people's inner world, is in the world history of literature the eternal classics.

Jane Eyre's author Charlotte Bronte and howls the mountain village author Amy Li Bronte is sisters. Although two people live in the identical family and the social environment, but disposition actually entirely different. Charlotte Bronte the natural disposition is arrogant, pursues and yearns for all fine things. She from has slightly lost the maternal love, obtains the father likes very being also few, her appearance is thin and small, also is unattractive, Jane Eyre's contour is completely Charlotte Bronte the real portrayal. Charlotte Bronte perhaps on because own appearance is not conspicuous, created her innermost soul depth to feel inferior deeply, reflected in hers disposition was the sensitive self-respect.

Jane Eyre double perishes from the little parents, lives under subjugation, not only cousins' insult, despising which the aunt not covers up, to has lodged the school, but also must receive teacher the unfair treatment. Is precisely all these, let Jane Eyre practice on the self-confident spirit which stood buffer, caused Mr. Rochester to shock for it, regarded as her to be possible with own energetic equality conversation person, and deep has fallen in love with her deeply. His sincerity lets her be moved, she decided entrusts for his life. But in the marriage that one day, the accident knew actually in addition has madame who contracts neurosis, life in Sand field’s top layer. She said righteously to that, “You thought I poor, mean, am not beautiful, am diminutive, I do not have the soul, has not had the heart? - - You thought mistakenly! - - Jan likes with you having the soul - - also completely to have a heart equally! … I not am relying on the custom, the convention now, even not relies on the human body every tire bead heel you to converse, but is my mind in with yours mind speech, as soon as probably we all leave the world, two people stand equally in front of God - - because we are originally equal!”

This also is Jane Eyre tells her to have to leave his reason: “I must defend this standpoint firmly.” Deeper one is Jane Eyre thought oneself received own to trust human's deceit. Asked which woman can withstand oneself human's deceit which most intimate, most trusts. In such situation, Jane Eyre has also made an unusual rational decision. Has unusual strength love surrounding in such one, but also has under the wealthy life enticement, she still must persist from already individual dignity.(www.pincai.com)

I thought, if it is me, I definitely at that time forgave , I could use each reason to convince oneself remain down, But Jan does not have, she chose resolutely left. This also is precisely Jane Eyre is most lovable, the most valuable place - - persists own principle.

The novel has designed a very bright ending. 's manor has destroyed; he has also become a disabled person. Between such situation, Jane Eyre no longer and loves the contradiction in the dignity. But simultaneously obtains satisfiesShe and 's marriage has the dignity, simultaneously also has the love.

In the modern society, the very few some people can look like Jane Eyre to be same, is love, gets rid all for the personality, moreover is duty-bound not to turn back. The pursue entire heart pays, moreover a pure like ice water……