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Every animal in the world is a life, we need to take care of them. , today, I'm on my way home, met a few stray dog was expelled. To see the situation, my heart suddenly welled up a complaint, and compassion for homeless. I want to; Puppy dog, I very want to help you, but I am helpless, I can't leave your home, or you will scold by mom and dad. Now, you be careful. Suddenly I saw a stray dog looked up with poor looked at me, as if to say: "can you help me? I am so hungry, my body is itching, can you help me?" After I watched it look in the eyes, and there is a said not to come out feeling from my heart revealed. In imperceptible in, tears welled out from my eyes, and then want to broken line of beads fell into the ground. I reached out to touch the puppy. Touched it in a moment, I suddenly found that these stray dogs are so cute. After a while, a broom dozen come over, driving out the dog. I and the dog or separately. So I sadly went home.

No speed, people run but the dog; No wisdom, also than but dog; No feelings, than people or dogs. Still today, I saw something moving. The thing is: I walk on my way to school, I saw a lovely dog in a around the old man's leg. The old man walk on the road, next to follow the dog. Suddenly, a car on the rampage, coming to the old man. The dog found there has found. All with one voice shout: "carefully." Old man reflects, cars have sailed to eyes. "Dong", all closed his eyes, when you open your eyes and was astonished by the sight scene. The old man pushed away beside, safe and sound. Hit by a car is a lovely little dog. When the old man found, holding the dog and wept bitterly. You have said: "the dog had to master, willing to sacrifice, worthy of our learning." I saw this scene, rather the feeling of a room.

No speed, people run but the dog; No wisdom, also than but dog; No feelings, than people or dogs. Every animal in the world is have feelings and we want to take care of them. We can't let animals wandering. Everybody come on, do your best, to let the small animals have a happy and comfortable home.





It was a fine day today and the sun was bright. I visited Beijing Zoo with my classmate, He Song. The animals were so interesting that all the people loved them. When a bear asked for some food by waving its ann, a visitor threw something to it. At once I went up to him and said without thinking,‘Don’t do that. It‘s bad for it. If you really love them, take good care of them.’ His face turned red and answered he wouldn‘t do that again.


Teacher recently sent a book - "friends of the pupils" one article gave me a very deep feelings, the article name is "mom".

Story is a child caught a beautiful bird, she put the bird tied the rope to play. Suddenly she saw a child of 5, 6 years old can't find his mother cry over there, after the mother to the child picked up, the children very happy. She thought about that bird, then I put the bird.

Although this is a short story, but my heart is very warm, the girl is deeply touched me, though she did something wrong, in front of the birds catch to play. But who doesn't have a naughty heart? Then she looked at the mother put the baby away after the scene began to sympathize with birds, finally put the bird. I think this child is very caring sympathetic, at the same time is also very good, she is worth everybody to learn. If I were the bird, I would thank you very much for the child, is she let me free to fly, is she let I can continue to be looking for his mother.

Compared with the girl, who sell animals, hurt people aren't you ashamed? A child younger than you so much, she know to protect animals, animals, realized the mistake put the bird. And you? All day hunting and selling animals, you know how much you hurt the poor and helpless animals? Because of you, there are a lot of animals is on the verge of extinction, and even some animals have become extinct. As there is life, they are just some worse than we humans, it is worth our "bully"? I know that you are in your life, but you are not only hunting, selling animals, you can do something else, you really should be educated about the children, although she is small, but she has a lot of you have no advantage, don't harm an animal again!

Nature has given us a lot, we also should return a lot of nature, rather than usual to destroy it, it should be and we the same treatment and life, animals are friends of human beings!